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The Kratom Store

Kratom is an unregulated industry, but we decided to self-regulate company & our products. We not only lab test for harmful microbial, but we took it a step further to test for the alkaloid levels for consistency & potency. Having kratom that is consistent is just as important as potency. We modeled our company's standardized operating procedures to Starbucks. We wanted every order to have the same consistency as the last.

In addition to our high level of consistency, we provide transparent information on each strain effects, each form of kratom, and cater orders & subscriptions to your personal needs. Our concierge will provide you with the best service before your purchase & follow up after your order to ensure satisfaction with each experience. We offer more than just a product. We offer a delightful experience to ensure that your needs are met while we come along side this beautiful holistic journey with you.

WAAVE Compliance