Return of Goods / Refunds. An exchange or store credit may be available in certain circumstances. In order to qualify for an exchange or store credit, you must return the original purchased product. The Kratom Store may refuse return requests if the returned product is opened, and may deny an exchange or credit request upon inspection of the returned product. The Kratom Store will not reship a returned product for any reason. Illegitimate chargebacks will be contested and/or sent to collections for the original amount, with the addition of a $75 fee. The Kratom Store does not assume the responsibility of return shipping costs on any returned products (defective or otherwise). All orders are thoroughly inspected at The Kratom Store and adequately packed before shipment.

The Kratom Store return policy differs on certain items, as follows:

On all catalog items, you must contact us within at least thirty (30) days of your receipt of the product in order to qualify for an exchange or store credit.